End of life

Approaching the end of life is a meaningful time when you might feel the need to express your emotions around letting go. You may even want to make plans for your funeral service.

I work with you in any setting be it at home, hospice, hospital or care home. We can talk about your life, your sorrows and joys. You may like to involve family members or friends or it might be something you'd prefer to discuss alone.

I can write up a plan for your ceremony which you can pass on to your loved ones. I can also transform your reflections into beautiful spoken word poetry unique to you and your life experiences.

You may like to consider a 'living funeral' which is a ceremony for those nearing the end of life. The event is carefully planned with yourself and any loved ones. It's about what matters most to you - people, pets, places, memories and any aspect of your life you wish to commemorate in a comforting ceremony for you and those closest to you.