Funerals & memorials

Discussion of up to an hour to share your feelings, reflections & talk about the funeral or memorial service - Free

  • Consultation & design of the funeral or memorial service

  • Meeting with relatives & friends; writing up reflections to create a unique eulogy, tribute or poem & advising on readings

  • Liaison with the funeral director & co-ordinators at the crematorium or cemetery

  • Conducting the funeral or memorial service, giving the readings or supporting loved ones to read themselves -  £250

End of life ceremony & spoken word reflection

Discussion of up to an hour to share feelings & talk about spoken word reflections & end of life ceremony - Free

End of life reflective session with you & loved ones & writing up reflections as a tribute or poem - £125

Preparation of an end of life ceremony; leading the event including sharing spoken word reflections - £125 

TRAVEL: To be agreed

Remembrance in Pandemic

Discussion by phone, email, FaceTime or Zoom up to an hour - Free

Written and/or recording of eulogy, obituary, testimonial or poem - £125